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Your Next Screensaver

I'm not really one for selfies (except for the occasional Snapchat that I sent to a select few), nor do I take pictures of myself while on vacation like, "Oh, here I am in front of this building." And, instead of taking pictures of the famous sites, sometimes I just find what I think is pretty and snap that. This definitely was the case on my trip to England (very spur-of-the-moment trip), and you probably couldn't tell where I was from the pictures I took. This time around, there a lot of "screensaver" worthy shots. All unfiltered.

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Island Life

Took a much needed week-long vacation to Oahu. I didn't take as many photos as I had wanted. Actually, I only took 3 good ones. Instead, I shot daily vlogs. Enjoy!

New beginnings

This blog certainly has been neglected, hasn't it? Let's change that (hopefully, I'll actually stick with it this time).

I recently joined Hit Record and by "recently" I mean "this morning." It's a community-sourced production company that's kind of the brain child of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Yes, that Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Hit Record encourages artists of all types - photographers, writers, actors, animators, etc. - to just be creative and collaborate. You don't have to be a professional, just passionate. You don't even have to be that passionate. Just mess around with whatever art form moves you, and upload it to the site. Or just explore. No pressure.

Well, I browsed around and checked out what they call "Creative Challenges," which are essentially prompts for scripts, poems, pictures, whatever. And, I just started uploading some old photos from my computer based on the prompt. I have to say (not to toot my own horn, but...) I&…

Sorry for being M.I.A.

I know, I know -- It's been a while.

I put this blog on the back burner more often than I'd like, and the excuses go on and on. I'm too tired, I'm not motivated, I just don't feel like it.

Plus, I don't want the posts to be forced in a way that I'll eventually churn out meaningless post after meaningless post. But, maybe that's what I need to start doing?

Sometimes I wonder if there's anyone even reading this and if this is something I should continue to pursue. Then I get the nice surprise when I check in on the stats page and see that there's over 2000 page views. I know it's not a lot, only a couple hundred per post, but it's significant to me. And it's so cool to see where the readers are coming from. Mostly U.S., but I see some from Russia, the U.K., France, and Singapore. And that's awesome.

[[ Where am I going with this? ]]

I don't have any photos to show in this post, unfortunately, because in my absence, I haven'…

In Bloom

This time of year, I find myself watching commencement speeches from various universities around the country. They invite historical figures, political leaders, and industry trailblazers to inspire, to challenge, to give hope to the graduating class. The speeches are filled with words of wisdom, and they're also filled with metaphors that are a bit out of a reach, or worse, a cliché.

"You're a ship embarking on its maiden voyage," "Be true to yourself," "Follow your passion/heart/dreams/fear."

But, I guess they're clichés for a reason. As corny, overused, and unoriginal as they sound, these phrases tend to have a big impact on those who are standing at the precipice. They instill a sense of grandeur that is supposed to empower you to make more out of your life, become more. It's as if these commencement speakers are handing over the reigns to this country's future, for you to do with it what you will. In essence, they are. They challe…

Motivate Me

I had started this blog with the intention of learning about photography. It had always been an interest of mine and I thought blogging about it would help me stay honest with this new hobby. Plus it was a great way to track my progress.

At first, my voice was that of a novice (which I am), taking slow, wary steps into the world of photography, seeing it through a fresh lens (pardon the pun), hoping to glean some sort of insight from it all and perhaps -- in some miraculous way -- change my life. It's still the case, but ever since my dad passed four months ago, I've put the blog and photography on the back burner. I had zero desire to continue. How could I when my family needs me? Family, and work -- Those were my two main points of focus.

Even now I feel guilty thinking about my passions. How could I even begin to imagine my future when my present is still crumbling? But in my attempt to "be there" for my family, I've lost sight of my path, and I don't know…

2015 Winter Wonderland

First off -- to the handful of you who actually read this blog -- my apologies for the temporary hiatus. Some personal family-related problems have stolen my attention these past few months. But, I'm back now, and I'd like to take things back to February when we in New York were in the height of the Winter snowstorm. It was quite possibly the longest winter I have ever had to endure. For most, it was a nuisance - having to shovel and salt the sidewalks, only to do it all over again in a few hours. For me, it was a nightmare... to shoot. So. Much. White. But, when you look past all the hardships and obstacles, you can find something so pure and simple in the world around you.

"In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more than reality." - Alfred Stieglitz